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The Land of Dushkin

Inside your imagination
where time cannot reach
you’ll find The Land of Dushkin
and would you believe
that Dushkins live to dance and sing
and work and play
and make beautiful things!​
Now, Dushkins look like people-things
with hands and beaks and tails and wings
and stripes  and dots and feathers and such
some are prickly, stickly and tickly to touch!

Purple and orange Ushkins are very small.
They are not much bigger than butterbean balls.

Frazzies are truly one of a kind.
With big fuzzy hair, they’re not hard to find!

Dingal Dushkins live in Dingal trees.
They drink Dingal juice and

eat Dingal seeds.

Pinch pinch here, pinch pinch there,
Pincher Dushkins have pinchers everywhere!
Wingfly Dushkins are a sight to see.
Four legs are blue and two are green!

Twist to the left, twist to the right,
Twister Dushkins love to twist

all day and all night!

Frimple Dimple Dushkins are the biggest of all!
They’re blue with red spots,

yellow-bellied and tall.

Now, you’ll find all of these Dushkins
with their tails and wings
and feathers and dots
and people-things,
amongst the whispy grass and the Loofa trees
near the shimmering shrubs
next to  the Dingal trees.
Or, down in the valley of the purple ants
just beyond the Pepper Rock plant.

There are Dushkins everywhere!

Over here
                         over there!

But the most important thing

you will see,
is how Dushkins solve their problems and live
together in harmony.

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