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The L​and of D​ushkin

On Sale Now!!!

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John H. Atwood and Jenean Atwood Baynes are delighted to announce the release of their latest children's book,
The Butterbean Balls Came Yesterday 
available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart!!!!

About the book

When Pincher Dushkin asks Ushkin Dushkin for help with a surplus of butterbean balls, Ushkin has the chance to help his neighbor. Instead, he chooses to walk away. In the end, Ushkin learns that it’s good to help your neighbors when asked, and that helping others can ultimately help him too.

New Book Release

Upcoming Book Signings & Readings

​Jenean and John are available for book signings, readings and guest speaking engagements. For more info, contact:

June      TBD
July       TBD
August   TBD
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