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Book Signing at Barnes & Noble

It has been approximately ten years since we first unveiled Blue Spots! Yellow Spots!  And after fifty plus engagements and media events including book signings, TV appearances, readings and speaking engagements we were pleased to again join with Barnes & Noble to introduce our second edition to a new generation.


On September 20, 2013, I (John H. Atwood) attended a Local Author Exhibition at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Akron, Ohio.  This fantastic event was organized by Jennifer Meredith, the Assistant Manager at B & N.  With the assistance of a great staff, Jennifer invited approximately ten local authors to a wonderful evening.  This was not simply a book signing, it was as Jennifer indicated, “a gallery showing of our book!”  We had an opportunity to engage the patrons and share our story.  This became a rich and unique experience for everyone.


We are all aware that bookstore events are a very important part of an author’s success.  And when it comes to marketing, B & N continues to be a leader.  Hats off to B & N!

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