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​About Atwood Legacy Enterprises
Atwood Enterprises is a family affair created in 1995 by John and Mary Atwood and their daughter, Jenean. Together, they published their first children's book Blue Spots! Yellow Spots! in the fall of 2000. This first release from the series The Land of Dushkin sold out by fall of 2001. Furthermore, Blue Spots! Yellow Spots! has also received praise from a broad range of media. They have also been invited to read and speak in numerous school districts and at private organizations in northeastern Ohio and throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


​About the Authors
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John H. Atwood, an educator with a BS in Elementary Education, an Administrative Certificate and a Master's Degree has been writing for years. Focusing primarily on academic initiatives, his emphasis has been on the critical analysis of school systems. After 30 years of teaching, administration and designing conflict mediation programs, John retired...oops, wrong word! Let's just say his next “chapter” was devoted to presenting education workshops at local universities. During a more recent chapter, this wealth of experience led him to develop a series of children's books with his daughter. As a former teacher, administrator and special assistant to the superintendent, John still hears that call to action. With an ever-changing curriculum and new technologies to impart information, he continues to pursue innovative ways to connect with children... next chapter TBD!


John H. Atwood
Under her own shingle, PH10 Creative Consulting, Jenean Atwood Baynes works as an independent producer on Lifestyle with Roy Ice (the 2nd longest running show after Meet the Press) and is the Festival Director for the Omni Cultural TV Fest. She has also worked at Warner Bros. and Sony Studios as well as for major industry entities such as NAB and NATPE booking celebs and speakers, overseeing special events, developing and producing programs and running onsite show management. Previously, she was NATPE’s Director of Buyer Initiatives. There, she also produced successful pitching events by booking 50+ top-level agents, broadcast, cable, digital and studio development executives and scheduling over 500+ pitch meetings. A writer at heart, she’s written everything from children’s books to scripted projects and served as a judge for the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. Jenean has also written and performed standup comedy at The Ice House, The Comedy Store and The Hollywood Improv.


Jenean Atwood Baynes
Mission Statement

Atwood Legacy Enterprises, LLC serves as the umbrella company under which we will realize our commitment to educate and enlighten through entertainment. Using universal themes that incorporate the lessons of life, we celebrate diversity through stories, characters and products that children from all cultures can enjoy.


Atwood Legacy Foundation
​​The Atwood Legacy Foundation will be established to honor academic excellence, recognize outstanding achievement, and help young scholars help themselves. An Advisory Committee will be comprised of a diverse group of parents, educators and community members with a collective finger on the pulse of children’s literature.


The foundation consists of several components:
-The Mary L. Atwood
Crystal Apple Award
-Book Scholarship Award
-Citizenship Award
-The One Act of Kindness (O.A.K.) Project
-Young Authors Publishing Program (YAPP)
Guidelines, application process, timelines and details for each component are forthcoming.
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